Real Estate Law

As SALVA Law & Consultancy, we provide legal advice and attorney services in the field of Law of Rent and Obligations to increase rental rates in the field of Law of Rent and Obligations, rental claim, rent payment or eviction of immovable immovable property.

And as well, all kinds of workplace and housing rental contracts, preparation of evacuation commitment and due to the need for the lessor to evacuate the rented housing or workplace, or in the case of housing or workplace reconstruction issues of legal counseling and attorney provides services.

Some of our services specific to the field of Law of Real Estate are as follows;


  • Preparation of lease agreement
  • Preparation of evacuation commitment, 
  • File an eviction action
  • File an eviction action due to need
  • File an eviction action due to reconstruction
  • Opening and follow-up of enforcement proceedings for the collection of lease receivables
  • Opening and follow-up of the rent detection case
  • Opening and follow-up of the increase of the cost of rent
  • Opening and follow-up of rent adaptation cases (Generally problems with shopping centers)
  • Opening and follow up of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages
  • Expropriation cases
  • Lawsuits arising from the planning of land and the absence of necessary permits for the License
  • Transfer of movable and immovable property, preparation of contracts for sale
  • Mortgage and Pledge
  • All kinds of lawsuits arising from floor ownership
  • Tort case
  • Claims against unjustified attacks by means of press