International Commercial Law

As SALVA Law & Consultancy, with its expert staff in the field of International Commercial Law, carries out all kinds of legal procedures in this field with its expertise.

Some of our services in the field of International Trade Law are as follows;

  • To arrange the contracts to be made with foreign companies in accordance with the rules of international law and to make necessary provisions considering the possible disputes that may arise in the future due to this relationship
  • To give legal opinion about the trade, foreign capital, tax, business and other legislation of the country to be invested in abroad, incorporation, merger, take over a company
  • Overseas receivables tracking and lawsuits
  • To make legal evaluations within the framework of Turkish law and international law in disputes arising with foreign companies; give opinion and advice
  • To prepare Franchising, Distributorship and Sole Agency agreements
  • To inform the companies about the norms of the European Community and thus to minimize the problems that may be encountered in exports to European Union countries. To give legal and financial opinions on tax and double taxation in international investments
  • To ensure that the exporters carry out their activities in accordance with the foreign trade legislation and in particular the GATT provisions

Providing legal advice on investment incentives and foreign capital transfer.