Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Preparation Consultancy

As Salva Law & Consultancy, with its expertise in the field of Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Preparation Consultancy and Apply, Salva Law & Consultancy carries out all kinds of consultancy and application in this field with its professional experience.

Most of the companies in Turkey as close to bankruptcy. The biggest mistake made is to increase the indebtedness level by thinking that the financial crisis can be avoided and to make capital inflow to the company with high interest rates from different channels. But in the end, they will go bankrupt. Stopping activities on time or getting help from a professional on time is the best way to follow these situations.

Salva Law & Consultancy analyzes the financial situation of your company in a hours with its expert team and presents it as a report. According to the results of the report, all the ways you need to follow, emergency actions and actions to protect your assets in case of bankruptcy to take all necessary measures to provide advice. Salva Law & Consultancy, as long as you receive service, is dedicated to you by providing you with expert advice on your own and taking it with you in order to prevent any wrong action on all ways that need to be followed.. In addition, with our expert attorney staff to protect you and your property to take all kinds of precautions in advance. Bankruptcy is not an end, it is a beginning. Salva Law & Consultancy help you take the right steps at this beginning.